Yadea E-Mobility

Yadea is the largest two-wheel electric vehicle producer in the world taking the leading role in the E-vehicle industry. Its major business consists of design, research, development, manufacturing and sales of two-wheel electric vehicles including electric scooters and bicycles.

Yadea adopts premium positioning strategy to establish itself as high-end brand. Yadea scooters appeal to all people, especially those who want to maintain a more sustainable lifestyle.

– ”Electrify your life”


Create a new generation of green lifestyle. Twenty years ago, YADEA planted a green dream; to love the blue planet we live on and do our best to preserve it as best as we can.

Current Models

Yadea g5

  • Panasonic 18650 Cells
  • High Quality Beckers Paint
  • ABS plastic Parts
  • 7 inch LCD Display
  • 26L Storage Space
  • Available Colours: Deep Grey, Glossy Blue, Matt Black, Glossy White & Glossy Red

yadea c1s

  • Panasonic 18650 Cells
  • High Quality Beckers Paint
  • Motorcycle CBS Brakes
  • Cruise Control
  • 7.5 inch VA LCD Display
  • 25L Storage Space
  • KERS Braking System
  • Available colours: Matt Black, Glossy Grey, Glossy Blue
U3 Glossy Red Stockphoto (2)

yadea u3

  • Philion 48V12ah Graphene
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Fast Charger Availibility
  • 14 inch Tires
  • 4.2 inch TN LCD Display
  • Many Accessoiries Available
  • Available Colours: Matte Black, Blue, Silver, Red & White
C-Umi Glossy Black (8)

yadea c-umi

  • 48V28ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 5 hours of charging time
  • Front Disc Brake, Rear Drum Brake
  • Lightweight, 65kg
  • Standard equipped with buglar alarm
  • Available Colours: Matt Taupe, Matt Grey, Matt Black, Glossy Black

yadea y1

  • Soon more information